The Two Thought Systems of "A Course in Miracles" [MP3]

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Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.

This talk is part of the introductory lecture given by Kenneth Wapnick in March 2010, and explains the essence of the Course’s teachings and the meaning it has for our lives. Two thought systems are in each of us—the ego’s and the Holy Spirit’s—which develop into the two goals open to our choice as decision-making minds and the means of attaining them. Choosing the ego, our goal is to remain as separate, special individuals, holding others responsible for our condition. Choosing the Holy Spirit’s thought system of Atonement, our goal is to awaken from the dream of separation and realize our oneness as God’s Son. The practice of A Course in Miracles, therefore, consists in training the mind to go past the ego’s differentiating forms and recognize our sameness as minds, learning to discern whether our choices are hindering or facilitating attainment of our goal to accept the Atonement.


Original Workshop Date: 03/2010
Original Release Date: 05/2010
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