The Transformed World and The Ego's World: "The Thunder of the Meaningless" [BOOK]

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The Transformed World

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The Ego's World: "The Thunder of the Meaningless"

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Paperback Book
First Edition. 162 pages. 

Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.

This book contains edited transcripts from a Seminar, The Transformed World, and a three-day Academy class, The Ego’s World: “The Thunder of the Meaningless,” which were held back-to-back.

The Transformed World highlights the healing process from the perspective of transforming our perceptions. The Holy Spirit, the great Transformer of perception, teaches us to see the world through the eyes of His all-inclusive vision. He compares for us the two worlds that arise from the mind’s decision for guilt or guiltlessness, asking us to be honest in our fears of losing the guilt-laden world that preserves our separated, special, and exclusive identity. Yet the attraction of the real world is ultimately stronger than our resistance, and its beauty calls us to exchange vision for judgment, forgiveness for attack, love for fear.

The Ego’s World: “The Thunder of the Meaningless” contrasts the ego’s meaningless world of separation (mind and body) with the Holy Spirit’s meaningful world of forgiveness. As the ego’s seemingly ferocious thought system of illusion is as ludicrous as a tiny mouse roaring at the universe (T-22.V), its world is indeed the thunder of the meaningless. Its dark clouds are easily dispersed by the gentle smile of the Atonement that teaches nothing happened but an errant thought that had no effect upon reality.

The edited transcripts are not verbatim to the edited audio recordings of the same titles.

Original Release Date: 11/2022
ISBN: 978-1-59142-951-7
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