The Prodigal Son's Brother [CD]

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Duration: 3 hours 40 minutes
Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.

Perhaps the most famous of Jesus’ gospel parables, “The Prodigal Son” forms the basis of this workshop, which focuses on our need to feel ourselves unfairly treated. It is the brother of the returning prodigal son that epitomizes this favorite tactic of the ego’s dynamic of specialness: comparing oneself to others. By so doing we inevitably legitimize the belief in separation, thereby excluding our brothers and ourselves from the Kingdom. Allowing Jesus to help us, however, undoes this insane thinking and restores to our awareness—through forgiveness—our inherent unity as God’s Son.
We thank our Father for one thing alone; that we are separate from no living thing, and therefore one with Him.


Original Workshop Date: 10/2006
Original Release Date: 09/2008
ISBN: 978-1-59142-361-4
SKU: CD152