The Pathway of "A Course in Miracles": From Spirituality to Mysticism [MP3]

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Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.

This five-day Atlanta workshop examines A Course in Miracles from the perspective of both spirituality and mysticism, highlighting the process of forgiveness that leads us from mindlessness to mindfulness, and on to Mind. Jesus thus guides us on a journey that undoes the ego strategy of keeping us trapped in mindless bodies so that we never return to the decision-making mind and choose again: love instead of fear, oneness in place of separation. Special topics covered include time, scripts, Jesus, and the history of the Course's scribing and editing—from Helen Schucman's notebooks, through the Urtext, Helen's retypings, the Hugh Lynn Cayce Version, to its eventual publication. Thus the listener has here a presentation of the full spectrum of the Course's teachings—theory and application—as well as a complete discussion of the process whereby A Course in Miracles assumed its final form.


Original Workshop Date: 05/28 - 06/01/2007
Original Release Date: 08/2009
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