The Logic of "A Course in Miracles": The Ego and The Holy Spirit [CD]

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4 Audio CD Disc Set

Duration: 3 hours 46 minutes
Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.

This class focuses on the ego's logic and the Holy Spirit's correction of that logic: one logical thought system correcting and undoing the logic of the other. The insanity and chaos of the world and of our individual lives are shown to be the result of the unquestioned acceptance of the premises on which the ego's logical and persuasive conclusions rest. The Course exposes these insane premises and their purpose, which is to keep us mindless by elevating form in the world at the expense of the content in the mind. Everything in the Course about the Holy Spirit, forgiveness, and the miracle is in answer to the ego's logic. The Course's logic in its entirety, therefore, is totally opposite to the world's logic—and most of the world's spiritualities and logical religious systems follow the world's logic. The ego's system will keep us mindless and miserable, while the Holy Spirit's system will make us mindful and bring us the peace of God.

The Holy Spirit uses logic as easily and as well as does the ego, except that His conclusions are not insane. They take a direction exactly opposite, pointing as clearly to Heaven as the ego points to darkness and to death.


Original Workshop Date: 10/2006
Original Release Date: 09/2017
ISBN: 978-1-59142-903-6
SKU: CD209