The Kindness of Healing [MP3]

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Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.

The Course's teachings about sickness and healing—that both are in the mind—are often seriously misunderstood, leading students to deny their own pain and illness, to bypass medical treatment, and to deal rather harshly with others' illnesses, not at all in keeping with the gentle kindness of Jesus' message throughout the Course. In this class, the principles of sickness and healing are reviewed, and then the common misapplications are addressed in which guilt winds up being reinforced rather than healed. Students are therefore helped to learn that being faithful to the Course's principles means at the same time being faithful to the love, reflected in Jesus, which is the source of his kind message of healing. (Edited transcript of this workshop included in Volume One of The Healing Power of Kindness.)



Original Workshop Date: 09/1996
Original Release Date: 11/2015
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