Shadows of Limitation [MP3]

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Duration: 4 hours 10 minutes
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Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.

This workshop develops the themes expressed in the following two sentences, the first from the text, the second from the manual: “Concentrate only on this [the little willingness], and be not disturbed that shadows surround it. That is why you came.” “Do not despair, then, because of limitations. It is your function to escape from them, but not to be without them.” The first statement relates to our learning that the world is a classroom in which we forgive our ego's shadows by seeing them as helpful detours that Jesus uses to bring us home. The second refers to not despairing over our limitations, for it is through them the Holy Spirit teaches. Though teaching and learning are the same, their emphasis differs, and this is reflected in our discussion of learning the Holy Spirit's lessons, and concludes with our role as instruments of His teaching.
(Partial edited transcript of this workshop included in Volume Two of The Healing Power of Kindness.)


Original Workshop Date: 03/2004
Original Release Date: 04/2011
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