Seek Not to Change the Course [MP4]

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Gloria Wapnick
Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.
This seminar presents some of the more common misunderstandings of A Course in Miracles. Among the topics covered are the centrality of the Course's non-dualistic metaphysics in understanding its practical teachings on forgiveness, and the importance of students allowing themselves to expand to the Course's level, rather than scaling it down to theirs, which can only lead to a distortion of the Course's teachings.
This DVD consists of a 75-minute discussion of some common misunderstandings about the Course, followed by a 60-minute session of questions and answers. Among the more important themes covered is the centrality of the Course's teaching that God did not create the world, and the application of this principle to the Course's teaching on forgiveness.
This presentation took place in La Mirada, California on June 10, 1986.
Original Workshop Date: 06/1986
Original Release Date: 05/2015
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