On Death and Dying: Ending, Continuing, or Awakening? [MP4]

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 This title has 12 parts.  
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Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.

PLEASE NOTE: The program titled Peace to Such Foolishness!(CD/3mdl/DV/4m169dl) is also included as the Prelude of this set.

This five-day 2011 Academy class, with the seminar “Peace to Such Foolishness!” as a prelude, has as its principal theme our identity in the dream as bodies. Based on Jesus’ urging not to confuse symbols with source (T-19.IV-C.11:2), the class discusses death as being a thought in the decision-making mind, independent of what seems to occur in the projected body. What prepares us for physical death is the daily practice of right-mindedly choosing the Holy Spirit’s forgiveness as our life’s meaning, rather than the ego’s judgments and attacks. In this way, physical death becomes a joyous end to a classroom of learning, not a punishment for sin.
  Original Workshop Date: 03/2011
Original Release Date: 10/2023
Total Duration: 20 hrs 44 min

Metaphysics Chart included in Part 1, or download here
MP4 Download - Part 1 (Prelude)
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MP4 Download - Part 12
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