"No Man Is an Island": Our Common Purpose [MP3]

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Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.
This set consists of a workshop (“No Man Is an Island”), a Seminar (“Friends Have All Things in Common”) and an Academy class (“Sharing Our Purpose”). Since they shared a common theme, it seemed appropriate to offer the three programs together.

Our natural state as spirit is perfect oneness, one of the Course's definitions for Heaven. Unknown to us in this world, oneness can nonetheless be reflected here by our awareness of the shared interests of every seemingly separated member of the Sonship. Our only purpose in the world, therefore, is the common one of learning to let go of judgment, the ego's weapon that keeps us separated from each other. Only thus can we remember our Father's Judgment that we are His unseparated Son. We can therefore say that the only meaning to be found in an inherently meaningless world is our shared purpose of awakening from the ego's dream of separation and condemnation. Returning to our right minds—the Holy Spirit's quiet center—we learn that we all, without exception, share the same need because we share the same split mind: the ego's guilt, the Holy Spirit's forgiveness, and the power to choose between them. Thus do we all walk Jesus' path of non-judgment—together—returning home as God's one Son.

Return with me to Heaven, walking together with your brother out of this world and through another, to the loveliness and joy the other holds within it.



Original Workshop Date: 12/2003 & 02/2005
Original Release Date: 08/2009
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