Life: A Required Course [MP3]

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Duration: 3 hours 37 minutes
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Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.

While as individuals we have no power to change our life scripts, we have all power to change how we look at them: from feeling unfairly treated with grievances justified, to looking through the Holy Spirit's vision and perceiving shared instead of separate interests. Thus, our special function of forgiveness changes our minds, not the situations and relationships in our lives. Since we choose the script, it is required that we learn from it. The only issue, then, is from which teacher do we choose to learn: the ego, which will keep us asleep in hell through guilt and attack; or Jesus, whose love will gently undo the ego's blocks and awaken us to the Heaven we never left.


Your special function opens wide the door beyond which is the memory of His Love kept perfectly intact and undefiled. And all you need to do is but to wish that Heaven be given you instead of hell, and every bolt and barrier that seems to hold the door securely barred and locked will merely fall away and disappear.


Original Workshop Date: 04/2005
Original Release Date: 07/2009
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