Jesus: Songs of Gratitude and Love [MP3]

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Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.

This album includes almost all of Kenneth's recorded workshops (please see Table of Contents for complete listing) on Jesus through 2004, along with excerpts from several classes. Not included are two longer sets (available separately): Jesus:Teacher of Forgiveness, Model of Resurrection (formerly Jesus and the Message of Easter) and Jesus:The Manifestation of the Holy Spirit. There is also an introduction consisting of a summary of the ego's conspiracy to subvert the true meaning of Jesus' Atonement, and Kenneth speaking of his relationship with Jesus and the music of Beethoven, which is heard throughout. The aim of the teaching is to restore to our awareness the purpose of Jesus' worldly appearances: to symbolize the love that created us and that we are.


MP3 Download–Volume 1
Includes Introduction (not available separately),
Jesus: Fantasy or Truth? (3m103dl),
Forgiving Jesus: "Stranger on the Road" (3m42dl),
The Importance of Jesus (3m51dl), and
Who Is Jesus (3m98dl).
Duration: 10 hours 38 minutes
Original Workshop Date: 1993 – 2004
Original Release Date: 10/2010
Download Size: 484 MB
SKU: 3m100-1dl
MP3 Download—Volume 2
Includes Jesus: Companion on Our Journey (3m99dl),
Jesus: Symbol and Reality (3m66dl), and
Jesus: "Bright Stranger" (3m97dl).
Duration: 11 hours 7 minutes
Original Workshop Date: 2002 – 2004
Original Release Date: 10/2010
Download Size: 524 MB
SKU: 3m100-2dl
MP3 Download—Volume 3
Includes Jesus: "The Ancient Love" (3m94dl),
Jesus versus Jesus-to-Destroy (not available separately),
Jesus: Light in the Dream (3m91dl), and
Walking with Jesus (3m96dl).
Duration: 10 hours 20 minutes
Original Workshop Date: 2002 – 2004
Original Release Date: 10/2010
Download Size: 502 MB
SKU: 3m100-3dl