Jesus and "To Believe A Lie" [EPUB]

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"To Believe A Lie"

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Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.

This book contains an edited excerpt on Jesus from a five-day Academy class, When Virtue Is a Vice and Vice a Virtue: Two Purposes for Everything, and an edited transcript of a one-day Workshop, “To Believe a Lie.”  

 The Jesus excerpt addresses Jesus and Course references to him and his crucifixion, leading students to a deeper understanding of who and what Jesus truly is. “The name of Jesus Christ as such is but a symbol. But it stands for a love that is not of this world” (M-23.4:1-2).

“To Believe a Lie” is based on lines from William Blake’s “The Everlasting Gospel” and focuses on the ego’s lie of separation, and all the subsequent lies used to protect our belief in the original one; thus the purpose of the world and body. The investment in perpetuating our individual self is the motivation for believing the lie and resisting the Holy Spirit’s truth. However, exposing the lie by bringing it to the truth allows us to question the ego for the first time—the process of forgiveness that the miracle brings about.

The edited excerpt and transcript are not verbatim to the edited audio recordings stated above.

Original Release Date: 07/2024