Healing: "The Patient Must Minister to Himself" [MP3]

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Duration: 2 hours 36 minutes
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Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.
Healing of others can never occur without the Holy Spirit's healing extending through us. This 2012 workshop therefore focuses on the necessity of bringing to Him our ego thoughts so that His healing light can dissolve the darkness of our mind's guilt. As the Psychotherapy pamphlet says: "Only the mind can be sick, only the mind can be healed." Moreover, since we are almost totally identified with the mindless body, indirect learning is needed wherein we focus on the worldly experiences of our special relationships as the means of leading us back to the decision-making mind so we can choose again: forgiveness over judgment, healing over sickness.
      Physician, healer, therapist, teacher, heal thyself. Many will come to you carrying the gift of healing, if you so elect. The Holy Spirit never refuses an invitation to enter and abide with you.… Whoever He sends you will reach you, holding out his hand to his Friend. Let the Christ in you bid him welcome, for that same Christ is in him as well.… Remember the plan of God for the restoration of joy and peace. And do not forget how very simple are the ways of God:
You were lost in the darkness of the world until you asked for light.
And then God sent His Son to give it to you.


Original Workshop Date: 03/2012
Original Release Date: 03/2014
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