An Overview of "A Course in Miracles" [MP3]

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Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.
This lecture is a succinct introduction to A Course in Miracles, primarily meant for those who are new to it, yet also geared to those students who could benefit from such an overview. It is divided into three sections, reflecting the organization of the Preface to the Course:

     1. How It Came: A brief discussion of the roles of Helen Schucman and William Thetford in the Course's scribing.

     2. What It Is: A brief introduction to the three books that comprise A Course in Miracles, as well as mention of the two supplements—Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice and The Song of Prayer—and The Gifts of God, a collection of Helen's inspired poetry.

     3. What It Says: An overview of the major themes of A Course in Miracles, reflecting the integration of the Course's non-dualistic metaphysics with practical guidelines for living in this world under the Holy Spirit's principle of forgiveness.


Original Workshop Date: 08/2002
Original Release Date: 08/2012
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