"A Course in Miracles" as a Work of Art: Hearing and Reading Its Message [DVD]

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Duration: 2 hours 27 minutes
Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.
This seminar discusses A Course in Miracles not only as a great spiritual teaching and means to bring us home, but as a magnificent work of art in its own right. Emphasis is placed on the importance of approaching the Course as a whole, allowing the brilliance of its structure—pedagogic and literary—to work within our hearts and minds. This is not dissimilar from being in the presence of any great art—literature, music, painting, sculpture, etc.—and surrendering to its beauty. To do otherwise runs the risk of blocking the Course's true message of forgiveness from entering our lives, preventing the healing that is its purpose. In other words, Jesus is asking us to join with his course, the loving mind that is its source, rather than having it join with us in our dualistic awareness.

Unlike most thought systems, "A Course in Miracles" does not proceed in a truly linear fashion with its theoretical structure built upon increasingly complex ideas. Rather, the Course’s development is more circular with its themes treated symphonically: introduced, set aside, reintroduced, and developed. This results in an interlocking matrix in which every part is integral and essential to the whole, while implicitly containing that whole within itself. (Introduction to Glossary-Index for A Course in Miracles)

Original Workshop Date: 10/2012
Original Release Date: 05/2015
ISBN: 978-1-59142-590-8
SKU: DV185