"A Course in Miracles": An Interview with Kenneth and Gloria Wapnick [MP4]

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Gloria Wapnick and Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.
This one-hour interview, conducted by Corinne Edwards, was produced for cable TV at the Miracle Network in Chicago in December 1995. Gloria and Kenneth speak about Helen Schucman and her experience of writing down A Course in Miracles as it was dictated to her from Jesus. Kenneth also talks about his own experiences with the Course and his relationship with Helen Schucman and William Thetford. The discussion then focuses on the nature of the Course and its core teachings, including the unique definition of forgiveness as forgiving what was not done, and the world as a dream rather than a creation of God. The contrast between A Course in Miracles and traditional Christianity is also addressed. Finally, Gloria and Kenneth discuss the application of the principles of the Course to specific life situations, noting some of the more common misunderstandings of the principles and the mistakes made in applying them. 



Original Workshop Date: 1995
Original Release Date: 11/2016
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