"A Course in Miracles": "A Book for All and None" [MP3]

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Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.
This title is based on Nietzsche's subtitle for Thus Spoke Zarathustra, words that reflect the universality of the Course's message, at the same time underscoring its great difficulty as a spiritual path. A core component of this difficulty is the Course's all or none principle: the centering point of the workshop, which emphasizes the all-inclusive nature of forgiveness that reflects the oneness of Heaven's love. Thus, we learn not to exempt anyone from our forgiveness, just as God exempts no one from His Love. By this practice, A Course in Miracles truly becomes a book for all—our brothers in Christ.

Now are they all made free, along with us.
Now are they all our brother 
in God’s Love.


Original Workshop Date: 07/2005
Original Release Date: 10/2009
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