Encounters with Ken - 08/14/2024 - Interactive Live Stream [WEEKLY]

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Dr. Jeffrey Seibert
Date: Wednesday, August 14, 2024
Time: 10:00 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. (Pacific Time)
Fee: $7.00

Interactive Live Stream Details

This class is being live streamed over the Internet using Microsoft Teams Meetings. (Click here to learn more about MS Teams). Immediately after purchasing this class, you will receive a confirmation/receipt via email. If you do not receive this email from us, please be sure to check your SPAM/JUNK folder, ESPECIALLY Gmail users. The email will include BOTH a link to the program and a link to the recording. This will be the only e-mail you will receive about this class and the recording, so be sure to keep it where it will be easily accessible at class time.

As a registered participant, you will also have access to the recorded videos via on-demand streaming for approximately one week following the class. In order to view the class recording, you need a device with an internet connection. This service is not compatible with dial-up connections.

Class Description

Dr. Jeffrey Seibert will conduct this weekly live interactive class where portions of a video program taught by Dr. Kenneth Wapnick will be viewed and discussed.

Our hope is that as many students as possible join us for the live class, but for those in distant time zones for whom participation may be very difficult to coordinate with our class time, a recording will be available for a week after the class. Links to both will be provided in the email you receive in response to this registration.